Saturday, 6 February 2010

Successful Advertisements aimed at Students

I am a student and I find that everywhere we go, we are hunted down by people on the streets who try to lure us gullable students into buying their products. If I am not hassled on the street, my letter box is abused by take away services and adverts of nights out in Leeds. We seem to be constantly exposed to advertising messages designed to make us believe we cannot live without a certain product or cannot miss a certain night out without the reputation of our social lives being hindered. I am so frustrated by these people who try to buy our love that I now ignore anyone who flaps a leaflet in front of my face and I will even pretend to be on the phone to avoid the eye contact with these evil people. However, I came across this advertisement that stands out as it is not distorting the truth to make the product seem better than it really is. Instead, it contains an honest, humorous photograph that students can relate to and may have even been subject to. It is more like a normal photograph taken by a student from a night out than an advert and I think this is what gives it so much appeal. It also tells you straight away who the product is aimed at, what it does and overall I think it is a very successful means of advertising.

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