Thursday, 5 November 2009

Drink Driving

Drink driving is certainly a huge issue, particularly amongst young drivers who hit the legal drinking age at the same time as when they have the freedom of being able to drive. The government is desperately trying to tackle this problem and reduce the numbers. So far this has involved campaigns such as Safe Drive Stay Alive, which is a project that educates young drivers by using a hard-hitting approach where people who have been involved in life threatening accidents or have lost loved ones to such accidents talk about their experiences. There have also been many successful advertising campaigns such as ‘Think!’ I came across this one, which is very powerful and I also chose it because I like the use of advertising directly within the environment.

The THINK! campaigns focus more on avoiding distraction, being visible and reinforcing basic road safety principles. These adverts need to be powerful and memorable as road accidents between vehicles and pedestrians and cyclists are the biggest single cause of accidental death for 12 to 16 year olds. Whenever I see a cyclist on the road, my attention is always focused on it now all because of this advert, which has stayed in my mind ever since first viewing it.

There may be some successful advertisements out there created to encourage the public to reduce their alcohol consumption, however I think the best are in fact, those which promote alcohol. Here are some of my favourite, most memorable advertisements for beer:

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manfredteh said...

the moon walking bear didnt caught my attention at all! that really makes a good points on drink drive! good found frances