Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Smoking campaigns

Smoking used to be seen as glamorous and sexy with A-list celebrities and models advertising various brands. With today’s knowledge of the health effects associated with smoking, advertising has now taken a completely different approach where there are now a wide range of campaigns out there encouraging the public to stop smoking. I thought this simple image of the hospital bed was extremely powerful. The colour of the bed instantly tells you the advert relates to cigarettes and the use of the hospital bed directly links this to suffering or even death. It’s amazing how much information you can get out of a plain image without words.

Passive smoking is also a very common theme in advertising these days. I found a very unique one by the advertising company, CHI and Partners. I particularly like it because of its surreal qualities, which I am particularly interested by.

Here is some more surreal imagery, which I am greatly inspired by for my own Surreal photographs, which can be seen on my photography website at

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manfredteh said...

the cycling in water racing against swimmer is such a great idea...